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Youths' welfare

With his line of work, Ali interacts with youths on daily basis thus this places him in a better position to understand them, their hobbies, what consume most of their time and what activities they are much interested in. With the complex nature of starting and running businesses in Finland, Ali believes that there should be legislations that nurture entrepreneurial spirit among the youths in this country and to help gain experience in the bussiness world so that they can be productive in our communities.

As your MP Ali will propose and support legislations that promote Small-Medium-Enterprises for youths both locally and at national level. These legislations would be able to unlock the key potential entrepreneurial skills which are untapped among the youths and are left wasted in the streets because of current policies and beaucracies.

Seniors Welfare

It hard and somehow sad seeing that elders that elders who have given much to our communities end up struggling with life in their old age when they are suppose to live in comfortably without worries. Ali supports the right to the quality of life for the seniors and decent retirement welfare support.

Women Rights Advocacy

Women like everyone have inalienable rights to exist in a peaceful society without the threats or fear of violence and intimidations and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity both in public and private places such as at work, in schools and even at home. The micro-aggressions sometimes faced by women at work places or at homes could sometimes culminate to a fullblown traumatic experience which affects the health of both parties at whatever places with it took place.


Finland is great and we want to make it even better, make it a place where everyone is treated with respect and dignity,the inherent virtues that the Finnish Constitution stands for. In our party, we value strong intercultural relation which is a symbol of strength and a catalyst for growth in a progressive society.

Ali believes in an inclusive society where equal rights and justice is accorded to all, and that no one should be denied opportunity or left behind because of his cultural background, religious affiliation, gender or race. As your MP,Ali will oppose any discriminatory legislation and policies that demonizes a group of people and designate them as imaginary threats to those who have refused to evolve embrance the beauties of diversity.We are all equal and together we can all make it.

As your MP, Ali will carry your voices and let your issues and concerns be heard. Vote for Ali vote for progress and equal opportunity. Ali will stand against policies that marginalize a group of people because of the demeaning and harmful stereotypes some members in our society have faced. Discrimination of any form must not be condoned and the anti-immigrant rhetoric which we’ve highly seen to be on the rise must be strongly opposed.



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