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To all Users:

The Campaign Committee and this site are committed to users’ privacy and will do all what it takes to keep users information private and minimize the possibilities of misuse and abuse of those information.

For the site to function efficiently it may use cookies; a code snippet that enables the site collect the destination IP address or some ISP information, these data, if collected will only be used to monitor and analyze the site’s performance and find out how it be improved later whenever possible.

Know that this site will not collect intrusive data to profile users who visit the website or personally analyze them and their behaviors.

The site can be browsed anonymously without having to commit or divulge any information to it unless you contact us personally and if necessary, used any of the sites contact forms to make inquiry, contribute or tips the committee about any information related to the contents of this site, most which will need your consent before submission.

To Volunteers:

If you are volunteering to be part of the campaigning team, which is highly appreciated, the site will require some information- mainly contacts, names and designations as means to facilitate the campaigning process.

These gathered information will solely be used for campaign purposes and as a volunteer, you reserve the right to request a cease and desist in case you feel that your information is not used for the intended purpose.

If the usage is severe and can cause you major issues then you have the right to ask for withdrawal and an absolute purge of contacts.


Understanding how websites works means that this site rely on third party applications to function properly; for example, the site is dependent on a 3rd party email exchange applications which may store user data when you send us email or contacted us about certain inquiry, however, we may not have control over the data collected by these applications but be rest assured that in case of any breach of the privacy agreement we have with service thereof, we will take the necessary action to make sure that any damage is repaired even terminate the service altogether.

Sometimes this site might post or use links from external sites which are not related to the campaign theme of this site such public office information or reference to important information, however, the campaign office will try keep your information private and only post links with good reputation, the campaign office or the site is not responsible for the usage terms or privacy policies of the third-party sites.

Be also aware that whenever you use any electronic media in the internet, you leave digital prints behind so be advised that you should use sensitive information with precautions and this site will never ask for your credit card number or social security when volunteering or just browsing, if this happens know that someone pretends to representing us and please contact us immediately so we can inform the authority or inform the police yourself.

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